MBA or MOL? … Either Way, Classes Start 10/6 at CCU

MBAvsMOLIf you want to climb to the higher rungs of business, getting your Masters is a fantastic way to begin. The traditional degree to pursue is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). But in recent years, another advanced business degree has emerged. The Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) is a modern alternative for those who want to make different contributions.

So what does each study encompass, and which is the best choice for you?

Let’s give them a quick rundown.

What You’ll Learn in an MBA Program

A MBA is a time tested route to enter higher management positions. It trains you to know the mechanics of organizations from the inside out. You’ll be looking at accounting, human resources, marketing, organizational structures, finance, and all the other nuts and bolts that go into any operation.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a business a business, a MBA program will teach you.

What You’ll Learn in an MOL Program

A MOL is a 21st century hybrid. It’s an amalgam of business principles and industrial psychology.

Basically, you’ll be cultivating a philosophy of leadership. Instead of studying the minutiae of organizations, you’ll be learning how to sway and persuade the people involved in them. Your focus will be on organizational mentalities, motivational tactics, negotiation, business relationships, and corporate culture.

Which Is Better?

That depends entirely on what sort of person you are.

Do you like problem solving, deduction, analysis, and fact-based decision making? An MBA may be the better route for you. Its emphasis on organizational tinkering makes it well suited to people who enjoy discovering concrete, logical solutions.

Or do you enjoying talking to people, inspiring them, standing before a crowd and convincing them of your message? Is your foremost concern people- what makes them tick, what they feel, and what creates passion in them? In that case, an MOL may be more to your taste. It hones your intuition, personal presence, and leadership skills.

Still Not Sure?

It’s a big decision to make, and we’d love to have a conversation about it with you. Reach out and let’s find the best fit. Classes start on October 6th, so don’t delay!