The Best Features of Today’s Tablets

tablets and featuresOne of the best things about online courses is the ability to learn on the go. Using the Blackboard software package, CCU students are able to contact professors, participate in class discussions, retrieve course calendars, and submit assignments from practically anywhere!

This has another advantage for inquisitive types (i.e. practically anyone enrolled in a college program). If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a tablet, online courses could be a deciding factor. Both the Android and Apple mobile platforms support Blackboard, making a tablet purchase a potential benefit of getting your education.

Here’s a brief rundown of three popular tablets. There are dozens of choices on the market, but these are making some of the biggest waves right now.

Apple iPad Air

Apple started tablet computing, and their latest offer is the sleekest, lightest, and most attractive iPad yet. Weighing in at just one pound, it certainly won’t be any hardship to carry. Its 9.7 inch display contains over 3 million pixels, and its plethora of storage and carrier plans make sure that you get a model just right for you.

It’s undoubtedly expensive, but if you want the gem of modern computing there’s no getting around the iPad Air.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 10.1 Inch

The Galaxy is a great choice for those looking for a full, powerful tablet on a smaller budget. Full HD screen resolution. Expandable memory up to 64GB with a simple microSD card. A sleek, beautiful design weighing less than two pounds. And it’s every bit as customizable as the iPad.

The Galaxy is a flagship tablet and the Android platform’s direct challenge to Apple.

Kindle Fire

Most people were surprised when Amazon announced they were getting into tablet computing. What was more surprising was how affordable and how good their tablet managed to be.

Measuring 7 inches, the Kindle Fire is a more compact alternative to the iPad or the Galaxy. It seamlessly syncs to over 100,000 apps, its twin processors get your where you need to go at lightning speed, at its starting price point is a mere $119! This is a great starter tablet that still manages to compete with the bigger kids.

Visit us to learn more about Blackboard. Then decide if a tablet purchase is right for you.