What Can I Do with this MAC Degree?

what-can-i-do-with-this-MAC-degreeWith national unemployment above 8% and underemployment at 18%, it does beg the question: what can you do with a masters degree in counseling? No one wants to put in the work only to discover the prospects limited and unfulfilling.

Fortunately, counseling has a robust choice of opportunities. Overall employment for counseling positions is expected to increase by 21% by 2016. That makes the growth rate greater than the busy fields of electrical engineering, physics, and economics! And with dozens of work environments and clients bases to choose from, you’ll always have excitement to look forward to.

So what can you do with a masters degree in counseling? Practically anything you want! Here are some previews of the kind of work available.


School and Career Counselors

Do you find the idea of molding the new minds an exciting prospect? Then you’ll find reward in being a school and career counselor.

You’ll work closely with students to discover their passions, their concerns, and their aptitudes. You’ll direct them as they pursue higher education or placement in the workforce. And you’ll have the supreme satisfaction of ushering in a new crop of doers and thinkers.


Marriage and Family Therapist

Nothing is more important than family, yet the stress of family life is greater than ever. As a marriage and family therapist, you’ll lead your clients to better communication, increased solidarity, and greater happiness. There are few professions that give more satisfaction than strengthening filial bonds.

As an added bonus, this field has a growth rate of 30%. Make a big difference while being in demand!


Mental Health Counselors

Sometimes people don’t know where to go. They need a hand, a shoulder, or an ear to make sense of themselves. And you can be those things for them.

Mental health counseling emphasizes prevention. You’ll work with people on the brink of big problems, and you’ll put them on a better path. Whether working through stress, depression, or self-esteem issues, your work will ward off dark days.


And this is just a sample of what you can do with a masters degree in counseling. For more information or to start down the path, start exploring CCU’s MAC program today!