Time’s Running Out! CCU Registration Closes Tomorrow!

time_clock_1Fall semester is almost upon us, but only for students registered by deadline! The first day of classes is August 18th, and the deadline to apply is August 14th. Don’t be left out of the CCU family for another semester- apply today!

We badly want you experience all the richness we have to offer…

The CCU Difference

If you’ve ever dreamt of a school that will help you grow intellectually, socially, and spiritually, you’ve been dreaming of us. CCU isn’t just a school- it’s a renaissance!

Our school stands on three pillars- academics, fellowship, and faith. Each gains strength from the others and serves to make your scholastic experience the very best possible.


It doesn’t matter if you’re going for your associates or bachelors degree, your Masters, or a certificate. Our course catalog is robust, well-rounded, and comprehensive enough for the most quickest of minds. We have well over 50 programs at CCU- even if you’re not yet sure what you’d like to study, we have the right fit for you.

Where will you attend classes? You pick! Since we have seven campuses all over Colorado, chances are we’re neighbors already. Too busy to commit to a commute? Also fine! Nearly all our programs can be completed online.


At CCU, we strive to forge bonds of brotherhood. It starts on campus in the very way we structure our studies. Our students enter into a cohort when they matriculate- one group of students working closely together the whole way through their studies. You cohort is very much like a family- you study together, challenge each other, succeed as a group. Studies show that the cohort model improves graduation rates and student satisfaction- plus you’ll never look far for friends.

But we take fellowship beyond the campus too. Students are expected to give service to those less fortunate. Do you have a passion for alleviating disease, poverty, and neglect in Colorado? Or are you curious to see other countries while improving lives? Whatever your taste, you’ll find a fit in our student-led ministries.


Our school is chartered on faith in Jesus Christ and emulation of His teachings. We also believe in the spiritual unity of all who believe in him. Ours is a non-denominational school where Christians of all stripes are free to express their faith as they see fit. We value Christian character in our students and faculty- compassion, empathy, humility, and forgiveness.

We want everything you do at CCU to culminate in an expression of faith. As you expand your mind, grow closer to your cohort, and serve others, we’re steering you towards a deeper and more profound relationship with God.

Reach Out

Embrace all CCU has to offer! Apply by August 14th to ensure your enrollment in the Fall semester. It’s just a day away, so apply now for your place in the CCU family.

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