8 Incredible Lifehacks for Nontraditional Students

So you’ve been out of the student stride for a while? Have a million job and family concerns before school? Going the online education route? Whatever your situation, you know that your school experience is going to be a bit different.

Harder? Not necessarily. More creative? Definitely. The trick is to own your unorthodox college experience. It’s about the right tools, savvy, and MacGyver tricks.

Enter the lifehack.

Lifehacks for students increase productivity, reduce stress, and make you feel generally cooler.

There are hundreds of lifehacks for students out there, but here some of our favorites.


Easy Laptop Ventilation


Your laptop is likely to get a lot more use, and that means heat. Heat is the enemy.

You could buy a $50 fan board to help cool things. Or just turn a drive thru cupholder on its head to let circulation through your computer’s innards. Considering how quickly heat can kill hardware, this is one of the more lucrative lifehacks for students.


World’s Best Cheap Pen


Cheap Pen- Lifehack


You’ll be doing the brunt of your life’s writing during your school years. Investing in a great pen would be awesome- say a $200 Mont Blanc. But if you don’t have the cash?

This is one of the best lifehacks for students! Just buy a $3 Pilot G2 and a $12 Mont Blanc refill. Five seconds of tinkering and voila! You just spent $15 for a fantastic writing instrument.


Red Pens

G2/ Mont Blanc hack bonus points- buy a red G2 and put a black or blue cartridge in it. It makes it easier to find, plus no one likes to “borrow” red ink pens.


Easy Cable Management


As you take your computer on the go, don’t let your unanchored cables slide away. Instead of digging them off the floor, just attach binder clips to the back of your desk. Then run your cables through- they’ll always be at the ready when you bring your laptop back.


Cardboard and Cables

No matter how careful you are about stowing your cables, they always seem to unravel and twist. No longer! Just stuff your cable bundles in a simple toilet paper rolls and avoid the annoyance of untangling.


Slaying Clamshells

Ever wonder why manufacturers insist on packaging everything in clamshell packaging? We don’t have an answer, but we can give you the fix. Using a can opener on the edges dispatch that annoying plastic in a flash!


Extend Wireless Signal


Did you know you can boost your home wifi with a simple aluminum can? Just clean the can, cut it lengthwise, and unfurl it into a horseshoe shape. Then place it over your router antenna. It’ll reflect the signal and make your home network more powerful. No more worrying about weak signals no matter where you are in the house!


Stand Up


One of the healthiest lifehacks for students. Standing desks are a neglected tradition that deserves a revival. Are they productive? Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Dickens did their best work from one. And they’re good for you too– perfect for the student struggling to balance school and fitness.

Got your own awesome lifehacks for students? Share them with us at CCU– we’d love to feature them in a future post!