Best LinkedIn Groups to Join for Online Business Students

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 300 million users. It’s free to join, and it’s a great way to expand your business network, develop your online resume, and gain access to top influencers and discussion groups.

As a student seeking a bachelor in business admin online, LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity to keep up with news and trends, ask and answer questions, and possibly make connections that will lead to jobs down the road.

But Before You Join a Group on LinkedIn…

Think about what you want get out of it. What interests you? Do you want to stay on top of a particular industry innovation? How active do you plan on being in your group? You can get more out of LinkedIn once you know what kind of experience you’re looking for.

Complete Your Profile
The best way to introduce yourself to a group is to have a 100% complete profile that describes you, your intentions, and your background in detail.

Don’t Cast a Wide Net
Before you begin searching, consider that there are millions of groups on LinkedIn. Which means you’ll have to have to narrow in on your specific interests to avoid getting lost in search results. Make sure to use the refine tools on the left-hand side to save yourself a little time.

Participate in a Meaningful Way.
Sharing your ideas in forums can demonstrate your curiosity as a student and lead to greater discussions about your coursework. But be aware that your potential employers can see what you post in your groups, so give extra thought to your comments before you publish them.

Now that you’re ready, here are a few groups you should look into.

9 LinkedIn Groups to Inspire Business Administration Students

1. Harvard Business Review
The Harvard Business Review group provides professionals around the world with insights and best practices to lead more effectively.

2. On Startups – The Community For Entrepreneurs
On Startups is a community for entrepreneurs and small business owners where members discuss marketing, sales, financing, operations, hiring, and other related topics.

3. TED: Ideas Worth Spreading
This is the unofficial TED page on LinkedIn where fans of TED to discuss “ideas worth spreading,” alternative business ideas, and more.

4. MBA Highway – MBA Job Search & Career Network
If you’re considering an MBA — or if you’re just looking for career advice— you can connect to and learn from students, professionals, employers, and more.

5. Career Explorer
With almost 50,000 members, this group connects young professionals to career advisors, fellow job seekers, and a variety of career-based discussions.

6. Students and Recent Grads
The Students and Recent Grads group welcomes students, grads, educators, recruiters and more to discuss their experiences and provide advice on what to do post graduation.

7. Future Trends
Connect with fellow trend hunters, corporate visionaries, and future thinkers representing a diverse cross-section of industries.

8. Innovative Marketing, PR & Sales Innovators
Network with marketing, public relations, promotions, sales and selling professionals to learn about various subjects from social media to generating sales leads.

9. Business/Market Development
This group focuses on techniques like marketing opportunities and target markets, intelligence gathering and competitors, formal proposal writing, business model design, and more.

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