CCU Fall Registration Closes Soon: Sign Up Before Friday 8/14

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Look lively, students! We badly want you here for our Fall semester, but the window is closing quickly. Get on that August 14th deadline and join our CCU family!

Otherwise you could miss all we have to offer…


No matter what degree or certificate you’d like to earn, CCU can give you an education that’s as comprehensive as it is flexible.

You’ll find our course catalog very robust, everything from biblical studies to information technology. We have seven campuses throughout the state, so chances are we’re neighbors already. And the vast majority of our programs are also available online, a winning solution for the student on the go.

Besides that, we don’t call our students family as hyperbole. CCU utilizes the cohort model of learning- one group of students paired together throughout their entire student career. Cohorts learn, share, and succeed together. Studies have shown that this method raises graduation rates, and the camaraderie it builds is inestimable.


At CCU, we pattern our actions the example of Jesus Christ. Biblical studies has always been indispensable, but just as valuable is how we take our faith into the world. We proudly declare it through our non-denominational Statement of Faith. This document confirms all the truths of historical Christianity, but allows a range of rich interpretations and practices.

Our commitment to Christian spirit can be found in our regular communal worship, our biblical studies groups, our small classes modeled on discipleship, and the ample opportunities for charitable work. It’s not enough for us to foster critical thinkers- we aim to cultivate compassion and fellowship.


To expand on our charitable opportunities, CCU students do many good works at home and abroad.

Through our student-led ministries, you’ll go into Colorado communities and experience firsthand the joys of improving America. Whether your passion is working with illness, disability, substance dependence, or poverty, CCU calls on you to help make a stronger nation.

Then there are our international ministries. Entirely student organized, these grassroots excursions help developing communities gain the prosperity we already enjoy. We’ve travelled to 175 countries doing everything from digging wells to making meals. And spreading the Gospel through engagement and biblical studies, naturally. If you’ve got a philanthropic spirit and curiosity about other cultures, our international ministries can’t be missed!


Reach Out

We’re proud of our school, and we’d be proud to have you with us! But remember- the deadline to apply for the Fall semester is approaching fast. Contact us by August 14th, and look forward to becoming part of our family!