Loud and Lucrative: The World of Communications Jobs

A plethora of career paths opens their doors when you earn a degree in communications.

Effective communication—both inside a company and externally—is central to success, no matter what business you’re involved with or the message being shared. Across a variance of fields, communications studies provide foundational skillsets that can be used throughout your life.

Earning a communications degree at Colorado Christian University will provide you with sound communication tools: A theoretical understanding of interpersonal and group communication, practical application, and a Christian worldview to better understand the imperative need of ethical and transparent communication.

What communications positions exist?

Clear communication can elevate one’s role within the community and the impact of a committee on its receivers—and those positions exist all around us!

Communications positions persist in the sphere of business and advertising, electronic media, radio, television, broadcasting, print and electronic journalism. They are prevalent in areas of public relations, government and politics, high technology industries, and health care. Even more communications jobs are intertwined into international relations and negotiations, law, and social and human services—the list goes on and on.

Communications Degrees: CAGS

Whether you intend to launch a communications career path or to use your communications studies as a foundation for another area of graduate studies, CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies provides several options including:

Communication Studies Associate Degree, Associate of Arts (A.A.)

Communication Studies Bachelor Degree (B.A.)

Communication Studies Certificate

What should I do with my Communications Degree?

Rather than asking, what should I do for my work? Instead ask, what am I interested in? Regardless of the area of your intrigue, there will be a need for a communications specialist!

The second question you should ask is: what medium do I enjoy working in? Do you enjoy creative writing, speaking with people, or photography? Do you enjoy writing press releases, social media, organizing campaigns, or creating media kits?

Define your passions and then hone the types of communication that you enjoy the most. With the two in mind, delve further into researching the communications positions within your field of interest.