Speak Up: The Savvy Communications Major on LinkedIn

When you’re trying to select a major for your university studies, the options can seem endless. Whether you’re considering communications or you’ve already committed to it, there are plenty of different ways to gather more information about the field that you’ll some day enter.

Careers in communications can vary from non-profit organizations to public relations with a thousand different options in between, and each field evolves daily. The dynamic nature of communications careers means that by the time you graduate, your responsibilities may be entirely different than they would be today.


Get Connected And Prep For The Long Term

In order to stay ahead of the curve and understand what will be expected by the time you hit the job market, savvy communications majors can get connected by joining online groups that are designed to spread information about all of the industries under the communications umbrella. Many of these networks can be found on LinkedIn, and maintaining a profile on the site can actually help when it’s time to apply for a job in the future.


Marketing Communication

If you think you’re going to go into marketing or you would just like to gather information about all of the different areas involved in a communications career, the Marketing Communication group on Linked In can connect you to nearly 250,000 professionals from across the planet. Members post links and questions throughout the day, and it’s a great place to learn from pros through their detailed answers and the information that they share. As an open group, anyone can read the content and post on the page after joining.


Creative Jobs

Not all communications jobs are in marketing or advertising. There are many options that tap into a much more creative side, and this group provides access to job postings, important links, questions from professionals and more. From design to creative writing to freelancers, there are information and opportunities across the globe that can be helpful no matter the level of experience in the industry. The Creative Jobs group is smaller and includes about 10,000 members.


Marketing & Communication Network

Communications majors who want to tap in to the different opportunities from around the world can find what they want right here. The Marketing & Communication Network offers helpful tips, links to different blogs, and job opportunities from around the world. The tidbits of data that can be found from just scrolling through the main page come from more than 100,000 members. Even before joining the group, links can give readers an idea of what the global market is like and what skills are necessary to succeed right now.

Resources For Communicators No Matter The Direction

Even if you aren’t set on a career in the field, using resources like LinkedIn to gain an understanding of what professionals are working toward today can provide you valuable information for any profession. It’s hard to be successful with a communications major if you aren’t enmeshed in a network that can provide insight and direction. LinkedIn groups offer a sense of community that you can begin establishing while still in school. When it’s time to move on to another phase of your goals, you’ve already set yourself up for success.