6 jobs you can land with a mac degree

6 Career Counseling Jobs You Can Land With a MAC

Excellent communication skills, keen listening skills and a high level of compassion make a great start for a career in counseling. Add a master of arts degree in counseling (MAC) to the mix and you’ve just pushed the door open even further.

A masters degree in counseling can help you land any number of career counseling jobs in a wide range of settings. These include mental health clinics, schools, hospitals, substance abuse centers, assisted living facilities and human service agencies.

Check out six career counseling jobs that could be yours with a counseling degree.

Social Worker

Social workers typically work in a clinical setting, but the people they work with vary greatly. They can specialize in a specific population, such as children or the elderly, or work in clinics that have a very diverse client base. Their main aim is to help people address and overcome any problems they face in their daily lives.

Case Manager

Case managers serve the liaisons between healthcare professionals and their patients, balancing the requirements and needs of both. They often work directly with patients in their place of residence, which could include home-bound elderly patients, chronically ill or hospice patients, or those recovering from substance abuse.

School and Career Counselor

School and career counselors use the knowledge they glean from their counseling degree to help people succeed in school and beyond. School counselors help students with social skills needed to succeed at school, while career counselors provide guidance for choosing an educational program or career. They may work at public or private schools, government agencies or career centers.ns..

Mental Health Counselor

Helping people overcome and manage mental and emotional issues is the focus of mental health counselors. They can typically assist with a wide range of issues, including depression, grief, anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and thoughts of suicide. They can offer help to all or may choose to focus on a select population, such as adolescents, children or the elderly.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Similar to mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists are prepared to deal with a wide range of mental health issues. Their main focus, however, is on a family-centered approach to treatment. They work with families and couples as well as individuals, examining how a person’s family relations impact his or her mental health.

Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor

While substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors may not always require a masters degree in counseling, an advanced degree is generally a surefire way to advance your standing in the field. These counselors specifically focus on helping people deal with any type of addiction or behavioral problems. Issues can include alcoholism, drug abuse and addiction, eating disorders and any other behavioral issues that impact their quality of life.

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