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Student Spotlight – Kristin Valenti, Health Care Administration


For many adults, the idea of going back to school can be stressful. Adding another time-consuming element to a busy life can be a struggle, but it is doable—and worth the time and commitment required to get a degree as an adult.

Meet Kristin Valenti. She’s a College of Adult and Graduate Studies student at CCU, studying health care administration. On her way to earning a bachelor’s degree, Kristin spoke to CCU about making the decision to go back to school, the transition into going to school as an adult, and how her faith led her here.


Interview with Kristin Valenti, CCU Adult Student


Why did you decide to go back to school?

I decided to go back to school because a Christian brother of mine, my husband, spoke it into my life and I received confirmation from the Holy Spirit that it’s what I should do. While researching colleges for our daughter two years ago, my husband said to me, “You should go back to school!” After praying about it, I had no doubt that it was what God wanted me to do.


How did you go about choosing a program?

I looked at many degree programs at CCU, and God kept leading me back to the BA in Health Care Administration. I received very strong confirmation from the Holy Spirit that this was the program for me over all the other programs.


Why CCU?

I chose CCU because of my husband. I got to witness firsthand what it was like to juggle school, work, and family when he successfully completed his Organizational Management BA with magna cum laude honors through CCU. I felt very inspired watching him graduate at CCU’s graduation ceremony. He appeared to be a part of something very special that I wanted to be part of too.


What has the transition been like for both you and your family?

The transition has been very good for me. I went back to college at the exact same time my daughter did, right after she graduated high school. For two decades now my schedule has revolved around my kids. I needed a new distraction now that they are leaving me. Going back to college has helped give me a sense of purpose as I transition into the “empty nest” stage of life as my two kids graduate high school and go off to college.


What has been your most memorable class so far and why?

They have all been memorable in different ways. My two Anatomy and Physiology classes were memorable because of the in-home labs (including pig dissection!) that I did with my lab partner from my class. I enjoyed getting to meet my lab partner. My worldviews class was memorable because of the depth with which we went into Christian concepts that I had never gone before: especially when exploring ‘the problem of evil’. My cross-cultural communication class was memorable because of how awesomely encouraging my instructor was. She made me feel valued and insightful.


What do you hope to accomplish by earning your degree?

I hope to accomplish a fulfilling career in a health care setting where God can use me to do His work. I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet. The main reason I went back to school was to be obedient to God, trusting Him to use my degree as He sees fit once I have completed it.


How has the decision to continue your education impacted your children?

By continuing my education I have been able to show them with action, not just words, how important a college education is to me. My kids are striving to do well in school themselves and they are very proud of me!


How does CCU help you integrate faith in your college career?

CCU helps me keep God as the focus when making career decisions. Every class so far has a Biblical perspective reflection that helps students connect the subject they are learning about with the Bible. I feel very fortunate to be currently working for a Christian chiropractor who strives to honor God in her work and I can feel free to do the same. We regard all of our patients as spiritual beings whom God can touch through our work and we look for God’s leading to offer prayer, encouragement, or even just a listening ear.


What sort of hard skills have you applied from CCU?

I have not gotten too far into my health care admin cohort classes as of yet, but I have had the opportunity to apply Anatomy & Physiology class concepts. The chiropractor I work for has noticed me using more medical terms and having a deeper understanding of the work she does on the human body.


Why should someone go to CCU?

I think that everyone should go to CCU because education is a critical part of keeping our nation on the right path. Higher learning that keeps the focus on God and conservative Christian values will stem the tide of moral degradation that is trying to overtake America. There is way too much liberal thought and ideals permeating higher learning nowadays, so choosing a college like CCU is the best way to go.


If you could give advice to adults considering going back to school, what would you tell them?

First and foremost, pray about it and let God guide your decision. After you get a “yes” answer from God, I suggest evaluating your life circumstances. It’s important to make sure you have the time, motivation, resources, and support to complete your program goal; whether it be an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree and beyond.


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