Christmas activities include ice skating, Zoo Lights, and the Parade of Lights

10 Fun Christmas Activities to do in Your City


With Christmas being less than one week away, there’s no better time than now to get out and experience the Christmas spirit with your family and friends. Christmas music is playing, events are being held, and activities are taking place all over the world in celebration of Christmas.

Wherever you live or are visiting, here are 10 Christmas activities you must experience this holiday.

Go Ice Skating Downtown

If you live near a big city, chances are that city has an ice skating rink downtown. Bundle up, and get ready to skate among the skyline. This will become one of your favorite holiday traditions!

Experience Zoo Lights

Even though the weather in your state might be freezing, zoos all over the U.S. open their doors for a special holiday event, oftentimes called Zoo Lights. Some animals might be out for viewing, and the entire zoo traditionally lights up, offering a fun experience for all ages.

Give to Children and Families in Need

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to forget about those in need. This Christmas, donate items to a food bank, give toys to a Christmas charity, or make a meal for a family in need. You could also donate lightly used or new coats and clothing to help keep needy families warm!

Attend a Christmas Service

Although the Christmas season provides many fun activities, we can’t forget to remember what this holiday is all about: Jesus. Gather together with your community at a Christmas Eve service. If you don’t attend a church, many churches offer holiday service information online.

Find a Christmas Festival

December is a busy month for festivals taking place all over. Whether you’re looking for a special Christmas gift, local crafts, or homemade goods, festivals are a great place to shop and experience a taste of the holidays.

Host a Hot Chocolate Night

If it’s too cold to do something outdoors, host a hot chocolate night for your family and friends! Set up a hot chocolate area, featuring different flavors, sweets, and add-ons that your guests can use to make their own special cup of cocoa.

Watch a Parade of Lights

One of the most beautiful features of Christmas is the twinkling lights that can be found in neighborhoods, on local businesses, and on Christmas trees. Many cities host a parade of lights each year. If this event has already taken place in your city, go for a drive through your neighborhood to see a little Christmas magic and creativity.

Check out a Holiday Performance

From traditional shows like “The Nutcracker” to modern interpretations, head to the theater this Christmas to see this holiday come to life on the stage. Whether you visit a small theater with children’s performances or you attend your state’s performing arts center, support the arts this Christmas season.

Go Sledding

No matter what your age, sledding is one of the most exciting holiday traditions. If you’re lucky enough to get fresh snowfall, head up to the hills and sled down the beautiful mountains in your state. Certain ski resorts also offer sledding and tubing activities.

Have a Christmas Cookie Bake-Off

When the weather is frightful, stay in and bake against your loved ones to see who has the best decorating skills! For those with small children, have them help with adding ingredients for your cookie dough. Or, bake the cookies and provide decorations for them to contribute with.


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