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5 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get with an Online MBA Degree

If you’re considering going back to school and earning an MBA — Master of Business Administration degree — it’s important to consider your post-graduation goals.

Are you looking to earn a higher salary? Are you interested in obtaining a more executive role? Do you dream of running your own company someday? These aspirations require experience, knowledge, and an education that will prepare you to be a successful business leader.

The business world is getting more and more competitive, and a master’s degree in business can strengthen your resume and provide you with a rewarding future. If you have the basic experience needed in these areas, the MBA helps you get to that next level:


Marketing Manager

  • Average national salary: $140,660
  • Number of jobs: 192,890

Practically every industry needs an experienced and savvy marketing manager. This leader in all things marketing develops optimization and campaign strategies, manages marketing and communications teams, and oversees company development, public relations, and trend forecasts.


Sales Manager

  • Average national salary: $130,400
  • Number of jobs: 364,750

A lot of responsibility comes with a sales manager position. This position manages, coordinates, and directs sales and product distribution. This manager also researches and implements strategies to further carry a product or service, as well as analyzes sales reports.


Financial Advisor

  • Average national salary: $118,050
  • Number of jobs: 197,580

Financial advisors are needed in both personal and company-wide capacities. A financial advisor advises investments, taxes, insurance, and other financial objectives.


Human Resources Manager

  • Average national salary: $104,440
  • Number of jobs: 122,500

Be the leader and point-of-contact of a company’s human resources department. The HR manager optimizes statewide and national policies for employees, coordinates admin duties, and oversees recruitment and hiring of new employees.


Health Services Manager

  • Average national salary: $94,500
  • Number of jobs: 333,000

If you have a passion for the health care industry and management, a health services manager position may be right for you. Manage a department within a health care facility or even manage the entire establishment. Health care laws, policies, and services are all managed within this position.

Salary and job information was sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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