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Communications FAQs – What Can You Do With a Communications Degree?

Did you know that people spend about 75% of their time every day communicating? What’s even more interesting is that 80% of that communication is non-verbal.

If you’re looking to get into a career that will always be in demand, a communications degree can be a great start to a long and interesting career. And, a career in communications can offer a variety of job opportunities, whether you enjoy speaking, writing, editing, or creating.

Here are 7 careers you can get with a communications degree:

Public Relations Specialist

  • Median annual salary: $58,020
  • Number of jobs: 240,700

As a public relations specialist, you will be one of the key voices of the organization you work for. This includes writing and sending out press releases, talking with the media, and strategizing ways for the company to be represented in a professional manner.

Marketing Specialist

  • Median annual salary: $70,620
  • Number of jobs: 558,630

Marketing specialists have several different roles, including researching industry trends and statistics, strategizing the marketing of a service or product, or creating content.

Community Service Manager

  • Median annual salary: $64,680
  • Number of jobs: 138,500

Within a community, a service manager oversees events, programs, and services. You might work for a non-profit, the government, or for your city or state.


  • Median annual salary: $61,240
  • Number of jobs: 136,500

As a writer, you will be positioned to create content for advertising, social media, websites, or other forms of media. Your position will depend on the type of field you write for.

Event Planner

  • Median annual salary: $42,350
  • Number of jobs: 100,000

Whether your company hosts daily or annual events, your job as an event planner will require you to wear a lot of hats. You might arrange meetings, conferences, public events, or other types of organized events.

Sales Representative

  • Median annual salary: $63,070
  • Number of jobs: 953,870

Although there are many different types of sales reps, you may be assigned to go into the field to sell a product or service, make cold calls, or work within a store setting.

Customer Service Representative

  • Median annual salary: $32,300
  • Number of jobs: 2,581,800

The most common customer service rep role is handling phone calls that come into your company. You may also interact with customers in a store setting or represent your company at events or conventions.

Some of the careers listed above might require additional education and/or training. Salary and job outcome information was sourced from the Bureau for Labor and Statistics.


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