Tickling Your Funny Bone: Stress Management for Nurses


There’s no two ways about it: nursing school isn’t easy. Luckily it is awesome, awe-inspiring, fascinating, humbling, and downright hilarious. The trick is in remembering. So here’s a little nursing humor and commiseration from CCU to you. There’s going to be plenty of early mornings, late nights, labs, clinicals, and exams ahead. But whatever hurdles … Continued

The Nurse’s Edge: 7 Items to Always Have Handy


When most students go back to school, a laptop is all they need. Nursing students on the other hand must be ready to tackle classroom work, hands-on practice and clinical rotations. So, they carry a mixed bag of practical goodies and essential nursing school supplies to make the day run smoothly. Not sure what to … Continued

Career Building 101: LinkedIn and You


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr: these social networking services are as commonly used today as the smartphones that we use to check our profiles, daily (or more). LinkedIn is another one of the bunch. However, its business-oriented focus bows towards the professional space rather than the “post-photos-of-food” sphere. To break down barricades, we want to offer … Continued

Power in Your Pocket: 4 Features of the CCU Mobile App

Power in Your Pocket- 4 Features of the

Education on the go- that’s the order of the day! But to hit the high marks at top speed you need the right tools. That’s why we’re so proud to premiere our Colorado Christian University Mobile App! It gives you all you need to streamline your education at push-button speed. Here’s some of the awesome … Continued

The Indispensible Bilingual Counselor


The need for diverse, flexible counselors in Colorado is increasing. So, why not make your job application rise to the top of the pile? Consider studying a foreign language in addition to tackling your Master of Arts in Counseling — then market yourself as a bilingual counselor. Search any of the major online job boards … Continued