The 7 Best Apps for Non-Traditional Students

The 7 Best Apps for Non Traditional students

Use your smartphone or tablet to keep life on track. From tackling homework and remembering family commitments, to squeaking out a few minutes of me-time, these are the best apps for grad students on the go. 1. Google Calendar This free time management app syncs with your Gmail account to organize your busy days. Use … Continued

Calling All Educators: Join us September 20, 2014


The Curriculum and Instruction Education Division, within the the College of Adult and Graduate Studies has partnered with the  Christian Educators Association International (CEAI) since the spring of 2013 to provide resources and support to CCU alumni (teachers in the field) and to current CCU field students and student teachers.  On Saturday September 20, 2014 we will … Continued

5 Amazing Apps for Nursing Students on the Go


As a nursing student, you have additional challenges that many other students do not face. Every student has to have great time management, study, and communication skills, but nursing students have the added challenges of clinicals, preparing for the NCLEX, and a subject matter that is incredibly broad and always changing and expanding in complexity. … Continued

A Day in the Life of a Health Care Administrator

A Day in Life

Health care administrators — also known as health services managers or health administrators — are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating the effective delivery of health care for an entire facility or within a specific department in an organization. Get started with an MBA in healthcare admin online. Career Outlook As the health care field continues … Continued

Behold: Smartphone & Tablet Enabled CCU Blackboard

CCU CAGS Blackboard

Education is always a great investment. But in today’s hectic hurlyburly, balancing work, family, community, and classroom attendance can seem positively untenable. Enter Blackboard. Blackboard is a revolutionary web platform for higher education- a school that fits in your pocket! It’s been a fixture for colleges across the nation for more than a decade, and … Continued