MBA or MOL? … Either Way, Classes Start 10/6 at CCU

If you want to climb to the higher rungs of business, getting your Masters is a fantastic way to begin. The traditional degree to pursue is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). But in recent years, another advanced business degree has emerged. The Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) is a modern alternative for those who … Continued

Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz & Michele Bachmann: Speakers at Western Conservative Summit

The Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University’s elite think tank, is proud to once again sponsor the Western Conservative Summit, July 18-20 in Denver, Colorado. For three days, some of the nation’s greatest minds gather for discussions that will influence policy for years to come. It’s fast grown into one of the country’s hottest political conventions, … Continued

Like Winning the Lotto: How to Find Financial Aid & Grants

No matter your age, making higher education affordable is always a challenge and knowing how to find financial aid grants is a very important tool. In fact, most students receive some type of financial aid during their school career, but are eligible for much more and never apply simply because they do not know how. … Continued

What Affects Concentration & 5 Tips to Maximize Yours

In a previous post, we looked at what affects concentration; specifically, the effects of stress. But is that the whole story? Certainly not. Eliminating stress is fantastic for maintaining focus, but we all know there’s an array of other hobgoblins at play. Are you doing your work in the right places? How do you eliminate … Continued

The Business of Health: How to Become a Health Care Administrator

If you’re interested in how to become a health care administrator, the very first step is to figure out how to get started amidst your busy schedule. Before delving in, defining what a health care administrator entails is important to understanding how to achieve this goal. With a degree in health care administration, you can … Continued