Adult learners face unique challenges and often must balance their Colorado Christian University course work with family and career responsibilities. CCU faculty and staff realize that financial concerns often prevent many adults from returning to school to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree to further their career, to better themselves or to pursue a field they have always been interested in but have never had the time or the money to explore. Adult students at CCU often find our online degree programs are perfect for their busy lives. Thousands of adult students have earned degrees from CCU without ever having stepped foot on campus. Adult learners who take their courses online are able to communicate with instructors and classmates, turn assignments in via email, view classroom presentations and even take part in study groups all from their home computer.

3 Quick, Healthy & Delicious Dinner Recipes for Busy Families

Whether you are working full time, going to college to get your degree or working and going to college, there are some nights when you don’t want to be bothered with making a big deal over dinner. Some quick healthy dinner recipes will definitely fill the bill and your family will appreciate it. If they’re … Continued

How to Choose the Right Back-to-College in Colorado

Once you’ve decided to go back to college, that’s only the beginning. Whether your college education was interrupted or postponed, going back will give you more options for you and your family.  Your next step is figuring out how to choose the right college for your lifestyle and preferences. Online Courses VS On Campus Courses … Continued

How to Stay Productive Over Christmas Vacation

How to Stay Productive Over Christmas Vacation

Finishing the last day of classes before Christmas vacation is almost as thrilling as an adult as it was as a child. As the weather cools down and your attention turns to your favorite traditions of the Christmas season, productivity may be the last thing on your mind. Unfortunately, if you spend your whole Christmas … Continued

Christmas Family Traditions You Should Start in 2013

Christmas Family Traditions Christmas cookies

Christmas family traditions are something many families already have – but it’s never too late to start or add an additional tradition.  Whether you’re finally on your own or have started a new family, it’s always nice to come up with a new Christmas tradition. Giving Thanks Many people overlook one of the simplest traditions … Continued

Adult Internships: How to Use Your Age to Your Advantage

how to find adult internship

Combined with going back to school to get a degree, an internship puts you on the path to a new career. While you might think it will be awkward to work as an intern when you’re decades older than other intern candidates, it won’t be. Just like younger candidates, you’ll learn valuable skills and gain … Continued