Adult learners face unique challenges and often must balance their Colorado Christian University course work with family and career responsibilities. CCU faculty and staff realize that financial concerns often prevent many adults from returning to school to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree to further their career, to better themselves or to pursue a field they have always been interested in but have never had the time or the money to explore. Adult students at CCU often find our online degree programs are perfect for their busy lives. Thousands of adult students have earned degrees from CCU without ever having stepped foot on campus. Adult learners who take their courses online are able to communicate with instructors and classmates, turn assignments in via email, view classroom presentations and even take part in study groups all from their home computer. To learn more about online programs for adult learners, please read the Adult Degree Completion Student Admissions page.

Returning to School–Cost vs Benefts

If you’re an adult considering going back to school to receive an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or certificate, you may be conflicted about whether the benefit of pursuing a degree is worth the cost. When we refer to cost here, we are not only including the actual monetary cost of returning to school … Continued

How to Improve School Performance

If you’re a non-traditional student pursuing a college degree at Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult & Graduate Studies, you may be a little “rusty” when it comes to getting into the groove as a college student. If you attended college when you were younger or have never taken college classes, you may be wondering … Continued

How to Write Cover Letters–Do’s and Don’ts

A short time ago, we posted a blog with 10 resume tips to follow so you are up-to-date and have the information and the organization of that information that employers are looking for in a job applicant. For instance, we mentioned that “objectives” are no longer being used, and the phrase, “references available upon request” … Continued

10 Professional Resume Tips for the Modern Job Seeker

If you are going to be looking for a job soon, it’s time to update your resume or create a new one altogether. If your resume is several years old, or if you have not created a resume in a while, it’s time to learn some professional resume tips that will help you compose a … Continued

Balancing Work, Family, School and Holiday Stress

With the holiday season upon us and Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to sit back and ponder the true meaning of the season and get a plan in order for dealing with holiday stress and balancing work, family, school and the “most wonderful time of the year.” Holidays should not be stressful, and … Continued