Adult learners face unique challenges and often must balance their Colorado Christian University course work with family and career responsibilities. CCU faculty and staff realize that financial concerns often prevent many adults from returning to school to earn an undergraduate or graduate degree to further their career, to better themselves or to pursue a field they have always been interested in but have never had the time or the money to explore. Adult students at CCU often find our online degree programs are perfect for their busy lives. Thousands of adult students have earned degrees from CCU without ever having stepped foot on campus. Adult learners who take their courses online are able to communicate with instructors and classmates, turn assignments in via email, view classroom presentations and even take part in study groups all from their home computer.

How Do I Apply for an Undergraduate or Graduate Degree at CCU / CAGS?

When you are seeking Christian colleges in Colorado for adults, look no further than Colorado Christian University. CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies offers adult students an opportunity to earn their associate, bachelor, or master degree in a faith-based program designed specifically for non-traditional learners. The Program Whether you want to complete the college … Continued

How to Succeed in College as an Adult Learner

Returning to school as an adult is much different than heading off to college immediately after high school. You are out of the habit of studying, and your life and obligations look much different. Turn to these tips to help you succeed in college as an adult learner. 1. Schedule Your Time Deliberately: You may … Continued

Keeping the Faith

When you are facing a busy schedule, it is hard to take time for simple prayers and a moment of peace to reflect on your faith, beliefs or dreams. Between a work schedule, classes in school and any obligations you have to your family, it can seem that you do not have the time to … Continued

How to Nail Your Job Interview

You put in the time to complete your degree. You spent hours perfecting your resume and applying for jobs. And you finally did it: you landed a job interview! Congratulations! Getting an interview is the hardest part of the job-searching process. But now you need to sell yourself so that you can land the job. … Continued

Enhance Your Hireability with Online Certificate Programs

It’s something of a myth that a college degree isn’t very useful these days. The truth is that the right certificate or degree can be tremendously useful, but not everyone is studying a realistic field. You can’t go very far with a degree in puppeteering or medieval history, because there aren’t a lot of jobs … Continued