Your contribution to and involvement with Colorado Christian University does not have to end the day you receive your diploma. CCU has a wonderful alumni network to stay connected to the people you share great college memories with from years past. Being active in CCU’s alumni association allows you to continue your commitment to CCU and our mission to provide students a Christ-centered community of learners and mentors with an enduring commitment to integrating exemplary academics, spiritual growth and world engagement. Visit the CCU blog Alumni section for upcoming alumni events and news.

Adult Education – 10 Things to do After You Graduate From College

Adult students are celebrating at their college commencement.

Did you just graduate from college? Congrats! Graduating, no matter your age or education level, is such an accomplishment. But now that you graduated from college as an adult student, there are some things you should do to ensure you’re using your education to its highest potential. Graduates, do these 10 things to prepare yourself … Continued

6 Ways Adult Students Can Prepare For Graduation

A student in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies is graduating from CCU.

If you’re an adult student who is about to graduate from college, you must be so excited! The end is near, and we’re so thrilled to share this moment with you. Even though you’ve been waiting for this moment for years, there are some things you should do before you walk across the stage and … Continued

Finding Your Way Post Graduation: Networking Groups

While you are studying in your online degree program the bulk of your focus lies in doing well in your classes in order to fulfill the requirements of your degree program. But your pursuit of higher learning and personal growth doesn’t end when you graduate. In fact, it is just the beginning. In the “old … Continued

How To Make Use of Your Alumni Network!

  What’s the most important thing about college? If you’re thinking “diploma,” you’re only half right. An important college takeaway isn’t a piece of paper, but is rather a group of people. Once your college education is complete, the alumni network is one of the most valuable assets that you have.

How to Be a Stand-Out College Alma Mater Supporter

The proudest day in a parent’s life, aside from the day a child is born and when that child has children is the day they graduate from college. Parents know that the graduate has a life in front of them with a certain amount of security in it because of the degree they just earned. … Continued