The faculty at CCU’s School of Business and Leadership are more than highly educated – they are experienced. Colorado Christian University offers multiple educational paths to a business career including the MBA graduate program as well as Business Administration, Finance, International Business and Management undergraduate degrees. As a student in CCU’s business degree programs you’ll receive personal attention from professors sharing their skills and training to challenge you to become the business leader you envision. Admissions to business undergraduate programs are not the same as CCU’s MBA admissions – so be careful you’re applying correctly when you apply!

How to Be Successful & Keep the Importance of Ethics in Business

Success and ethics in business are not mutually exclusive, and in fact, the most successful businesses are often the ones that build a reputation on honest and ethical practices. The importance of business ethics is magnified for CCU business students because you are a reflection of Jesus in everything you do, including your actions in the … Continued

7 Unique Jobs You Can Get with a Business Administration Degree

The phrase “business administration” brings to mind professional office environments with dress codes and regular business hours for many people. While you can certainly get to that place on the business administration path, if it’s where you want to end up, those looking for a different kind of work environment may be interested in these … Continued

Business Administration Degree Programs Open Doors

Have you dreamed about becoming a financial analyst at a Fortune 500 company, or maybe you picture yourself as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company you started at years ago at an entry level position. What will lead you to these types of positions? Business Administration degree programs at Colorado Christian University open … Continued

Education Spotlight: Business Degree Programs

The Colorado Christian University School of Business and Leadership offers several business degree programs to prepare you for the exciting world of business, marketing and finance. CCU’s philosophy of business education “prepares you to make immediate and significant contributions in your chosen field…and prepares you for the challenges and ethical dilemmas you will face in … Continued

Bachelor Degree in Project Management–Organizational Management

Colorado Christian University offers several business-related degree programs, one of which is the Project Management Bachelor of Science degree. The bachelor degree in Project Management has different areas of specialization, and one of those areas is “Organizational Management,” a degree area designed to train students in all aspects of managing high-level projects, including strategic management, project-based … Continued