Christian Graduate School: Registration Closes 8/14 at CCU

So, you’re headed back to school: not with a backpack and colored pencils, but as an adult graduate student. Congratulations! It’s a rewarding journey, and one that starts right now if you plan to enroll in a premiere Christian graduate school. Registration for the Fall 2014 Semester is currently open through August 14th here at … Continued

Christian Education Benefiting Christians & Non-Christians Alike

Because Colorado Christian University is founded on Christian values, there may be a perception that we only welcome Christians to enroll. But nothing could be further from the truth. College is a place to encounter and pursue the unfamiliar. New knowledge, challenging ideas, and contradictory opinions are to be expected and encouraged. Universities are a … Continued

5 Advantages of Higher Learning at a Christian College

When it’s time to select a college, there is a huge number of factors that you will need to consider. Some of these factors are quantifiable, such as location and academic programs, but another equally important reason to choose a school is its philosophical basis. If you are Christian, you’ll experience some powerful benefits when … Continued

The Reason for the Season: Keeping the Christ in Christmas

In the midst of consumer-centered holiday advertising, it can be hard to remember that Christmas isn’t all about glittery decorations, delicious food, and beautifully wrapped gifts. Just as you can choose to keep your faith at the center of your education by getting a graduate degree from Colorado Christian University, you should also choose to … Continued

6 Ways to Give Thanks on Thanksgiving: Giving Back

Ways to Give Thanks on Thanksgiving Giving Back

The Thanksgiving holiday conjures up images of a delicious roasted turkey on the table, a fireside glowing with the warmth of the holiday season and a sweet pumpkin pie waiting to be devoured. However, while much of this holiday centers on an enormous meal with family and friends, it’s important to remember what Thanksgiving is … Continued