Colorado Christian University offers the Master of Arts in Counseling degree for students who want to take the National Counselor Exam or for students looking to advance their careers counseling individuals, families and groups. CCU’s counseling classes include hands-on field experiences and are offered evenings and occasional weekend times to help meet busy schedule demands. Upon completion of the CCU’s Master of Arts in Counseling, graduates are prepared to take the Colorado Licensure Exam. The application for admission to CCU’s Master of Arts in Counseling program is available online, giving you the flexibility to complete your application and access required documents in multiple stages.

7 Job Alternatives for MAC Degree Holders

When the term “counseling” is heard, often times a mental image of a long, red chair and an hour of soulful talking comes to mind; however, counseling is so much more than that! If you have been looking into a MAC degree (Masters of Arts in Counseling), but you fear monotony with this type of … Continued

The 5 Most Effective Traits of a Successful Christian Counselor

If you are considering a career or ministry in Christian counseling, you are probably wondering what traits make the most effective Christian counselor. Is it knowledge, training, and insight? Or is it maturity, flexibility, and compassion? The truth is, that there are several steps to becoming a Christian counselor, and it requires many traits to … Continued

The Call to Heal: M.A. in Counseling at Grand Junction

The Calling For years you’ve heard a voice calling to you. It’s urgent and relentless. It tells you to go into the world and use the Word to heal. Yet despite its supplications, life has gotten in the way. You say “I can’t yet, I just have to get my finances situated.” Or “I can’t … Continued

Incorporating Faith into Your Career: M.A. Counseling at CCU

Are you the person others seek out when they are troubled and in need of someone to talk to? Do you enjoy trying to help others find solutions to difficult problems in their lives or new pathways out of the darkness? If you are one of those people whom God has blessed with patience, understanding … Continued

What to Expect from a Master of Arts in Counseling Online Program

A Master of Arts in Counseling at Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies is a great degree that will help you serve a great purpose. With this degree, you’ll be able to enter the world of professional counseling, enabling you to help people with the issues they face in everyday life. The online … Continued