Colorado Christian University offers the Master of Arts in Counseling degree for students who want to take the National Counselor Exam or for students looking to advance their careers counseling individuals, families and groups. CCU’s counseling classes include hands-on field experiences and are offered evenings and occasional weekend times to help meet busy schedule demands. Upon completion of the CCU’s Master of Arts in Counseling, graduates are prepared to take the Colorado Licensure Exam. The application for admission to CCU’s Master of Arts in Counseling program is available online, giving you the flexibility to complete your application and access required documents in multiple stages.

Time’s Running Out: Apply for a Master’s in Counseling Today

The deadline for the Master’s in Counseling program in Grand Junction is rapidly approaching. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in counseling or want a look at a new perspective on mental health, your application for this program must be received by December 6. The Master’s in Counseling Program January 2014 marks the first … Continued

Grand Junction Mental Health Counselors in High Demand

Counselors Needed in Grand Junction

Grand Junction, Colorado may be a picturesque mountain community, but there are some startling statistics among the residents of this beautiful part of the state. According to the American Community Survey and calculations by the Daily Beast; Grand Junction ranks number 10 in the country for divorce rates. In addition to having a high divorce … Continued

Finally! A Masters in Counseling Program in Grand Junction

As you get older, it is only natural to want to use your wisdom to give advice to others. Many do this by enrolling in one of Colorado Christian University’s Masters in Counseling programs. These programs are offered online and at Colorado campuses, including the Grand Junction campus. Colorado Christian University stands out among universities that have … Continued

How to Find a Faith Based Masters in Counseling Program

How to Find a Faith Based Masters in Counseling Program

A faith based Masters in Counseling program from a Christian school is ideal for those who want to enhance their faith during their education and/or practice faith-based counseling once they complete school and enter the workforce. Both the educational process and later work experience can be enhanced by attending a school that includes a foundation … Continued

Apply for a Master’s in Counseling Today: $50 off Application Fee

One in 10 Americans suffer from depression, and countless others deal with grief, anger, chronic pain and brokenness every day. Are you gifted at listening, counseling and encouraging? A Master of Arts in Counseling provides you with the professional training you need to pursue your goal of becoming a Christian counselor. Colorado Christian University plans … Continued