The faculty at CCU’s School of Business and Leadership are more than highly educated – they are experienced. Colorado Christian University offers multiple educational paths to a business career including the MBA graduate program as well as Business Administration, Finance, International Business and Management undergraduate degrees. As a student in CCU’s business degree programs you’ll receive personal attention from professors sharing their skills and training to challenge you to become the business leader you envision. Admissions to business undergraduate programs are not the same as CCU’s MBA admissions – so be careful you’re applying correctly when you apply!

What are the Most Common Types of Business Degrees?

What are the most common types of business degrees? It’s a plain fact that the most of the college degrees earned today are business degrees. But a business degree is rarely just a “business degree.” In the multifaceted and expansive world of business, diversification and specialization is imperative. What, then, are the most common types … Continued

Advantages of an MBA

Three little letters. The letters themselves look rather insignificant, but when you realize the MBA advantages and the value of online MBA programs, the significance of the MBA becomes enormous. It represents a vast amount of classes, a major commitment of time, and an incredible amount of work. Are the MBA advantages worth it? Why get … Continued

What’s the Best Education For Business Administration Careers?

Business administration careers can offer hefty compensation, challenging responsibilities and great upward mobility. Basically, business MBA programs are an excellent preparation for a very good career, but what kind of career? After all, “business administration” is rather generic, isn’t it? Career analysts explain that business administration degrees, while popular, are also a bit vague. What … Continued

Welcome students

Welcome to the (2011) Walk-The-Talk blog. This blog has been set up for graduate students participating in the MBA program at CCU. You are invited to join this ongoing “Action Learning” discussion to share your personal viewpoint and real-life experience of business in America. Some questions to consider; How did we get here? Where do … Continued

Accredited Online MBA Programs – How Do I Pick The Right One?

Juggling Priorities with Opprtunities Getting a degree in Business Administration is a good thing and can get you started in a good career path. But to expand that career path requires a Master’s degree or MBA. Not only will you get a better job with more pay and better benefits, but your responsibilities will grow … Continued