Nursing Salaries by Degree: Do Nurses Make More in Colorado? (Infographic)


While many choose their career path based upon their passions, interests and talents; salary potential is also a key player when it comes to decided what, and what level of education to pursue. A career in nursing can be fairly lucrative depending on which nursing degree programs you choose, and in which parts of the … Continued

Loud and Lucrative: The World of Communications Jobs


A plethora of career paths opens their doors when you earn a degree in communications. Effective communication—both inside a company and externally—is central to success, no matter what business you’re involved with or the message being shared. Across a variance of fields, communications studies provide foundational skillsets that can be used throughout your life. Earning … Continued

Which Way Up the Mountain?: MAC vs. MSW


You know you want to help people improve their lives on both psychological and personal levels. You’ve chosen to further your education and become a become a licensed professional social worker or counselor. But which degree will get you where you really want to be? Let’s take a look at the Master of Arts in … Continued

Kathryn Herrmann: CAGS EC, MAC Student, All-Around Superstar

Kathryn Hermann 2rs

Earlier this year, Kathryn Herrmann was gracious enough to take time out of her day and discuss the Master of Arts in Counseling program at CCU/CAGS. Little did we know, but turns out Kathryn is not only incredibly well rounded; she is smart, funny and an all around superstar. Whether this is a student or … Continued