The Indispensible Bilingual Counselor


The need for diverse, flexible counselors in Colorado is increasing. So, why not make your job application rise to the top of the pile? Consider studying a foreign language in addition to tackling your Master of Arts in Counseling — then market yourself as a bilingual counselor. Search any of the major online job boards … Continued

4 Reasons to Get a Master of Science in Nursing

4 Reasons to Get a Master of Science in Nursing

You love working with people. Your RN degree brings contentment in your daily routine. But, you’re secretly craving a challenge. A new direction. Take the next step in your education and get a master of science in nursing. Why? The need for experienced, passionate nurses to migrate into teaching, mentoring and management roles are on … Continued

Chill!: Proven Remedies for Test Taking Jitters


Everyone has a degree of test-taking nervousness. Every person also handles her or his anxiety differently. Routine tactics for overcoming test anxiety are fairly well known: exercise regularly, get a good night’s rest, eat a well-rounded breakfast on test day (and on study days), and give yourself cushy time for commuting on the morning of … Continued

5 Weeks vs. 7 Weeks: Which CCU Block System Is Best for You?

5 or 7 week course length

One of the most common academic schedule questions we receive deals with our class block system. At CCU, we give you the flexibility to tackle your classes in either 5 or 7 week intervals. So which best fits your learning style?   It’s a personal decision and you can’t really go wrong. The faculty and … Continued

The 7 Best Apps for Saving Time and Your Sanity


Today’s mobile apps are sort of like personal assistants. They can help you plan your schedule, take notes, and create documents. They can sync your schedule with your family’s schedules and even help you study. For busy adult learners, these mobile features can be indispensable. But which ones are worthy of your time? Here are … Continued