4 Reasons to Get a Master of Science in Nursing

4 Reasons to Get a Master of Science in Nursing

You love working with people. Your RN degree brings contentment in your daily routine. But, you’re secretly craving a challenge. A new direction. Take the next step in your education and get a master of science in nursing. Why? The need for experienced, passionate nurses to migrate into teaching, mentoring and management roles are on … Continued

The 7 Best Apps for Saving Time and Your Sanity


Today’s mobile apps are sort of like personal assistants. They can help you plan your schedule, take notes, and create documents. They can sync your schedule with your family’s schedules and even help you study. For busy adult learners, these mobile features can be indispensable. But which ones are worthy of your time? Here are … Continued

Best Cover Letters We Have Ever Seen


You’ve polished your resume for the millionth time. Your recommendations glow. Now it’s time to craft a cover letter. Don’t leave this crucial job hunting step until the last minute. After all, your cover letter is what makes your very first impression on hiring managers. According to Forbes, the best letters (that get the nod … Continued

5 Quick & Healthy Weeknight Dinners


After a busy day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours making dinner. So, keep things simple! Focus on one-dish quick and healthy dinners. Dig out that slow cooker and casserole pan from the cupboard. Here’s five easy dinner recipes you’ll want to try this week! Monday Chicken Tetrazzini This family favorite … Continued

Master’s in Nursing: Coming to CAGS, January 2015

Master's of Nursing

Sometimes, life calls for a change from the familiar. If you have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and feel the need to experience a different pace and progress further in your career (without entirely switching fields), then Colorado Christian University’s Master of Science in Nursing program is exactly what you’re looking for to reach the … Continued