CCU’s Online RN to BSN Program – The Real Deal, from a Real Student

If you are an RN considering taking the steps to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, consider the online RN to BSN program at Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies. CCU’s online RN to BSN program is a great option for busy adults who are juggling a full time job along … Continued

The 10 Highest Paying Nursing Specialties

Maybe you feel like your nursing career has hit a rut and you want to move beyond the daily grind and onto a new, prolific career. These highest paying nursing specialties require at minimum a Bachelor’s degree, and several may require additional specialty training due to their intensive nature. However, these careers are both personally … Continued

Is Online Learning Harder? Study Tips for Online Courses

Online learning opportunities have revolutionized the way adults can continue their education. Online programs make it easier to take courses while working a full-time job, being a stay-at-home parent, or even while living far away from the university. However, some students fear that online learning will be more difficult because of the online format. Set … Continued

How to Get a Job like on TV’s “Criminal Minds” … in Real Life

If you are interested in a job like Criminal Minds, then you need to become an investigator. Investigators specializing in the inductive and deductive reasoning to create a criminal profile based on characteristics are sometimes referred to as criminal profilers. The majority of profilers are actually law enforcement investigators that have several years of experience … Continued