Common FAFSA Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

You’ve made up your mind to go back to school. Now, don’t let anything stand in your way — especially delayed financial aid paperwork including the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A corrected FAFSA application can take an additional two to three weeks to process according to FinAid, a student resource for tackling … Continued

Like Winning the Lotto: How to Find Financial Aid & Grants

No matter your age, making higher education affordable is always a challenge and knowing how to find financial aid grants is a very important tool. In fact, most students receive some type of financial aid during their school career, but are eligible for much more and never apply simply because they do not know how. … Continued

5 Tips for Financial Aid in Grad School

Living on a shoestring budget and eating Ramen noodles for dinner may have been acceptable as an undergrad student. However, many grad students have higher debt than undergraduates, and perhaps even a mortgage to pay or a family to support. The good news is that you can get financial aid for grad school to help you … Continued

5 Money Saving Tricks for Poor College Students (AGAIN!)

Although getting more education usually increases your earning potential, you are often under financial strain while in school. After living as an established adult for several years, it may come as a bit of a shock to go back into poor college student mode. These tricks can help you manage your budget and save money … Continued

10 Financial Aid Options for Single Moms

Juggling work, family and budget is difficult enough for married couples. For a single mother, it can be a daring feat of frugality and scrambling to make sure you meet commitments. When there is a moment to reflect, you may wonder about how to get the time and money to begin or return to college. … Continued