10 Financial Aid Options for Single Moms

Juggling work, family and budget is difficult enough for married couples. For a single mother, it can be a daring feat of frugality and scrambling to make sure you meet commitments. When there is a moment to reflect, you may wonder about how to get the time and money to begin or return to college. … Continued

Attend College in the Mountains, Without the Mountain of School Loan Debt

Q.  What’s one of the biggest factors preventing adults from going back to school to earn their degree? A.  Paying for it. Yes, financing it. Oftentimes, the cost of an education outweighs the investment of the degree that comes at the end of it. Though there are arguably more opportunities than ever in terms of … Continued

Parent – Child Bonding: Filling Out College Loan Applications as a Family

Prospective nontraditional college students understand the potential benefits of returning to school as fully-fledged adults with careers and families. Promotions and salary increases are at stake, not to mention the personal satisfaction garnered from the completion of a degree program. But these benefits come at a cost, leaving many adult students worried about paying tuition … Continued

Of Course I Want to Further My Education, But How Can I Afford It?

It all comes down to cost. Everyone recognizes the importance of higher education for furthering a professional career, but not everyone can afford to go to college or chase that graduate degree. The costs of higher education are on the incline and showing no signs of slowing down. In-state public university tuition can cost as … Continued