CCU offers certificate, associate and bachelor degree programs to help you start a new career in health care administration. An certificate or associate degree can help you obtain an entry-level position while a bachelor’s degree will allow for more opportunities for future career growth.

The Highest Paying HCA Jobs

Lucrative HCA jobs are a reality; health care administration and management careers are currently on the rise, as statistics from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) report that outlook is excellent for applicants with healthcare experience and management skills. Medical and health services manager positions are expected to grow 22% between 2010-2020, faster than the … Continued

2 Degrees are Better Than One: Getting your MBA in HCA

While there are hundreds of different degree options out there, sometimes the selection may not seem like they fit you and your goals. Why settle for a degree that doesn’t meet your goals–sometimes two degrees are what is needed, if you want a well-rounded education. Obtaining two degrees is easier than you may think–especially if … Continued

5 Benefits of an Associate Degree in Healthcare Administration

While not every student wants to become a nurse or a medical billing professional, that doesn’t mean that they can’t pursue a degree that allows them to be involved in the health care industry. An Associate Degree in Healthcare Administration is a unique educational program that affords online students the opportunity to pursue a career … Continued

5 Exciting HCA Career Opportunities You Didn’t Know Existed

If you are considering a pursuing a Health Care Administration (HCA) degree, there are dozens of exciting, adventurous HCA career opportunities that many people never consider. The health care industries account for one-sixth of our nation’s economy. People with advanced degrees and extensive managerial experience will find jobs available in research, technology and non-profit settings that … Continued

What’s an Average MBA in Health Care Administration Salary

Money isn’t everything, especially compared to the value of a good education. However, it’s worth looking into salary opportunities to figure out the most efficient way to apply your MBA in Health Care Administration. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22 percent demand increase for medical and health services managers over the next 10 … Continued