CCU offers certificate, associate and bachelor degree programs to help you start a new career in health care administration. An certificate or associate degree can help you obtain an entry-level position while a bachelor’s degree will allow for more opportunities for future career growth.

What’s an Average MBA in Health Care Administration Salary

Money isn’t everything, especially compared to the value of a good education. However, it’s worth looking into salary opportunities to figure out the most efficient way to apply your MBA in Health Care Administration. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22 percent demand increase for medical and health services managers over the next 10 … Continued

Why Get an MBA in Health Care Administration?

What Can This Degree Do for Me? Bridging the gap between medicine and business, the MBA in Health Care Administration is perfect for anyone who wants to develop the corporate leadership skills that are needed to actively transform the future of the health care industry. The medical field is one of the few growth areas … Continued

What’s Next on My Health Care Career Path?

Going back to school as an adult can be stressful and even frightening. If you’ve prayed about it and decided it’s the right thing for you, though, it’s time to start moving forward with your educational life path. There are many different careers you could focus on, and one of the most popular and in-demand … Continued

Healthcare Administration Salary: How Much Can I Make?

A healthcare administration degree provides the opportunity to work in the management side of the healthcare industry. Instead of providing direct care to patients, a healthcare administrator supervises the staff within the facility, coordinates any events and sets goals for the business side of the hospital, clinic or office. If you are considering a HCA … Continued

5 Ways MBA in Health Care Administration Steers You to Success

Getting a MBA in health care administration provides you with the core skills from a traditional MBA as well as specialized knowledge about the health care environment. This degree prepares you to work as a health services manager or administrator in large hospitals, smaller clinics, or the government sector. Earning an MBA in health care … Continued