Colorado Christian University prides itself on offering the next generation of nurses one of the most advanced, comprehensive nursing degree programs in the country. The online RN-BSN degree program is very popular and is designed for currently registered nurses who want to advance and complete their BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). CCU also offers a regular Bachelor of Science in Nursing, an intensive, state-of-the-art nursing education experience where students are challenged to become compassionate healthcare workers who have dedicated their lives to saving others. Please visit the CCU website admissions pages for RN-BSN nursing degree admissions and the BSN admission requirements as they are different.

Shot of Calm: Conflict Management in Nursing

Shot of Calm 2

No work environment is easy, but nurses have an especially difficult, albeit rewarding, working environment. The nature of interpersonal encounters for nurses is inherently stressful, often interacting with people while they are rushed, tense, nervous, pained, worried, afraid, or exhausted. The anxiety surrounding interactions can often lead to the need for conflict management in nursing; … Continued

Know It in a Flash: The 5 Best Flash Card Apps for Nursing Students


Flashcards: one of the best ways to study on the go! For nursing students, using extra time to study effectively is especially important. But writing flashcards can be a long and tedious task, not to mention carrying physical flashcards can be difficult and annoying. Flashcards apps are the perfect solution for a nursing student: you … Continued

Tickling Your Funny Bone: Stress Management for Nurses


There’s no two ways about it: nursing school isn’t easy. Luckily it is awesome, awe-inspiring, fascinating, humbling, and downright hilarious. The trick is in remembering. So here’s a little nursing humor and commiseration from CCU to you. There’s going to be plenty of early mornings, late nights, labs, clinicals, and exams ahead. But whatever hurdles … Continued

The Nurse’s Edge: 7 Items to Always Have Handy


When most students go back to school, a laptop is all they need. Nursing students on the other hand must be ready to tackle classroom work, hands-on practice and clinical rotations. So, they carry a mixed bag of practical goodies and essential nursing school supplies to make the day run smoothly. Not sure what to … Continued

4 Reasons to Get a Master of Science in Nursing

4 Reasons to Get a Master of Science in Nursing

You love working with people. Your RN degree brings contentment in your daily routine. But, you’re secretly craving a challenge. A new direction. Take the next step in your education and get a master of science in nursing. Why? The need for experienced, passionate nurses to migrate into teaching, mentoring and management roles are on … Continued