Colorado Christian University prides itself on offering the next generation of nurses one of the most advanced, comprehensive nursing degree programs in the country. The online RN-BSN degree program is very popular and is designed for currently registered nurses who want to advance and complete their BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). CCU also offers a regular Bachelor of Science in Nursing, an intensive, state-of-the-art nursing education experience where students are challenged to become compassionate healthcare workers who have dedicated their lives to saving others. Please visit the CCU website admissions pages for RN-BSN nursing degree admissions and the BSN admission requirements as they are different.

Turn Your RN into a BSN Degree & See the Country as a Travel Nurse

No matter what type of nursing experience you have, your professional skills are needed somewhere in the country. Travel nursing is a unique way to bring your expertise to the places you are needed most and to see the country while you practice your profession. How Does Travel Nursing Work? When a hospital or other … Continued

The Difference Between an RN and a BSN & Which is Right For You

A Noble Calling Those called to the field of nursing have a deep compassion for others. They want to reach out and help people when those people are at their most vulnerable. Today, the term “nurse” can apply to people working at many different career levels. This can include Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered … Continued

Top 5 Reasons to Earn a Bachelor of Nursing Degree

While it’s possible to become a registered nurse (RN) with only an associate degree, most RNs soon discover that a Bachelor of Nursing degree (BSN) is a far better choice for their career. Here are five big reasons you’ll be glad you earned your BSN: 1. You’ll Gain Deeper Knowledge The coursework at CAGS Nursing … Continued

5 Ways Nurses Can Enjoy Working on Christmas Day

One of the major perks of getting your BSN is that nurses are almost always in high demand. People get sick every day of the year, and hospitals need a steady crew of nurses to care for these patients. One of the downsides, though, is that nurses often have to work on holidays, including Christmas … Continued

5 Unusual Nursing Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

Being a nurse today can entail much more that working in a hospital, doctors office, or clinic – today’s educated nurses can travel the world, care for the stars, and even become teachers of the trade themselves. If you are currently a registered nurse, (RN) but haven’t taken the plunge for your bachelor’s degree in … Continued