Colorado Christian University prides itself on offering the next generation of nurses one of the most advanced, comprehensive nursing degree programs in the country. The online RN-BSN degree program is very popular and is designed for currently registered nurses who want to advance and complete their BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). CCU also offers a regular Bachelor of Science in Nursing, an intensive, state-of-the-art nursing education experience where students are challenged to become compassionate healthcare workers who have dedicated their lives to saving others. Please visit the CCU website admissions pages for RN-BSN nursing degree admissions and the BSN admission requirements as they are different.

Where are the New Graduate Nursing Jobs?

After graduating with a nursing degree and obtaining the appropriate registered nurse license for the state where you want to work, you may discover that places you planned to apply are not currently accepting applications from new graduates. Although nursing is a growing field, new graduate nursing jobs are not the most common form of … Continued

The 10 Best US Hospitals to Work At

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Since you’re thinking about entering, or have already entered, the nursing program, you obviously have a heart and passion for serving others. No one’s ever said that being a medical professional is an easy job, but it’s certainly one that’s fulfilling. In addition to being able to assist others in the miracle of childbirth or … Continued

US News and World Report Ranks Nursing the #2 Best Job of 2013

Students pursuing an RN to BSN degree recently received good news, affirming their career choice as one of the best. According to a recent article by US News and World Report, nursing is the second best job in America. Of course, with a median income of $65,000 a year, BSNs enjoy a better than average … Continued

An Online Degree in Nursing? Don’t I Need to be in a Classroom?

When people tend to think of college courses, higher education and earning a degree, they picture classroom lectures, written exams and navigating campus to get to class on time. People typically don’t think of attending online classes as the best means of earning a college degree, especially one as intricate and detailed as nursing. However, … Continued

What Does the Future of Nursing Look Like?

Thinking of going back to school to earn a nursing degree? You’d be wise to do so – according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), not only do nurses earn a very comfortable living (the average RN salary is about $65,700 per year, not to mention very favorable health insurance benefits), but nursing … Continued