Colorado Christian University prides itself on offering the next generation of nurses one of the most advanced, comprehensive nursing degree programs in the country. The online RN-BSN degree program is very popular and is designed for currently registered nurses who want to advance and complete their BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). CCU also offers a regular Bachelor of Science in Nursing, an intensive, state-of-the-art nursing education experience where students are challenged to become compassionate healthcare workers who have dedicated their lives to saving others. Please visit the CCU website admissions pages for RN-BSN nursing degree admissions and the BSN admission requirements as they are different.

BSN Degree–Save Lives

Not only are nursing jobs in great demand, but nurses help people heal and save lives every day. Nursing is a special calling–it takes compassion, patience, faith, strength and the ability to see pain and misery on a daily basis and be courageous and strong enough to step up and give the suffering the care … Continued

Online RN-BSN Degree Very Popular


The Online RN-BSN degree program is offered through Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies and is designed for the working registered nurse who wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. For nurses who are busy with career obligations and family responsibilities, this program is an appealing opportunity to further their education, … Continued

Exciting Careers in the Nursing Field by Salary

Are you pursuing a nursing degree at Colorado Christian University and are curious about what exciting nursing careers await you upon graduation? To learn more about various types of nursing positions and what job duties and responsibilities are involved in those positions, please read the CCU blog “Nursing Jobs: What to Expect with Different Positions” … Continued

Jobs in High Demand: Nurses in Colorado

Nursing is definitely one of those “jobs in high demand” you often hear enrollment counselors and admissions specialists talking about to prospective college students. If you enjoy taking care of others and dedicating your life to serving the Lord and others in a healthcare position, then a nursing degree from Colorado Christian University may be … Continued

CCU Nursing Degree Program: Types of Nursing Degrees

The nursing field is one of the most rapidly growing careers, and this challenging field is expected to continue to grow in the next several years according to information provided by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are some quick facts from the BLS about the career of “registered nurse,” one … Continued