Colorado Christian University prides itself on offering the next generation of nurses one of the most advanced, comprehensive nursing degree programs in the country. The online RN-BSN degree program is very popular and is designed for currently registered nurses who want to advance and complete their BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). CCU also offers a regular Bachelor of Science in Nursing, an intensive, state-of-the-art nursing education experience where students are challenged to become compassionate healthcare workers who have dedicated their lives to saving others. Please visit the CCU website admissions pages for RN-BSN nursing degree admissions and the BSN admission requirements as they are different.

Fulfill Your Childhood Goals Now that You’ve Grown Up

When you were a child or teenager, you likely had some ideas of what you wanted to be when you grew up. Maybe you wanted to be a nurse, a police officer, or a business person. At some point along the line, however, you got derailed from your original objective. As life went on, you … Continued

Younger and Less Expensive: How to Compete in a Market that Smiles Upon Youthfulness

The recession hit older workers especially hard, with 2.1 million individuals over the age of 55 left unemployed. Many of these people were considered “long-term unemployed,” spending over 27 weeks outside the workforce. One of the biggest challenges facing older job applicants is how to stay competitive with younger job-seekers, many of whom are fresh … Continued

BSN Degree–Save Lives

Not only are nursing jobs in great demand, but nurses help people heal and save lives every day. Nursing is a special calling–it takes compassion, patience, faith, strength and the ability to see pain and misery on a daily basis and be courageous and strong enough to step up and give the suffering the care … Continued

Online RN-BSN Degree Very Popular


The Online RN-BSN degree program is offered through Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies and is designed for the working registered nurse who wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. For nurses who are busy with career obligations and family responsibilities, this program is an appealing opportunity to further their education, … Continued