Online degree programs, like the ones offered at Colorado Christian University, are allowing students to earn college degrees without ever coming onto campus. In fact, thousands of students have earned their degrees from CCU, and all they needed was a desire to learn, a computer, and Internet access. Everything you need to complete your CCU online degree program can be accessed via computer including syllabi, assignments, and classroom presentations. You submit your work online and can even participate in topical discussions with classmates! Online education degrees include Accounting, Criminal Justice, Psychology, MBA and Information Systems Management just to name a few. Find out more information about the CCU Online Admissions process for the online degree you would like to pursue and get started today!

Career Building 101: LinkedIn and You


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr: these social networking services are as commonly used today as the smartphones that we use to check our profiles, daily (or more). LinkedIn is another one of the bunch. However, its business-oriented focus bows towards the professional space rather than the “post-photos-of-food” sphere. To break down barricades, we want to offer … Continued

Career Paths and Salaries: Computer Science vs. IT

So you want a degree in tech, but you’re not sure which route to take. These days, there are two strong paths to make a career in computers: Computer Science and Information Technology (IT). Which is right for you? A Comparison of Degrees To begin, it’s important to understand the distinctions of each. In Computer … Continued

The Best Features of Today’s Tablets

One of the best things about online courses is the ability to learn on the go. Using the Blackboard software package, CCU students are able to contact professors, participate in class discussions, retrieve course calendars, and submit assignments from practically anywhere! This has another advantage for inquisitive types (i.e. practically anyone enrolled in a college … Continued

What’s the Best Tablet for College Students? Vote Now!

College students of all ages need to remain connected to their schools and to the world if they are going to succeed. This begs the question, what is the best method of connection? Tablets are ideal for many students; they offer affordability and portability, and many students now prefer tablets over the bulkier, less flexible … Continued

The Best Entry Level IT Positions to Set Your Path to Success

Colorado Christian University has some exciting news to share with our current and future students! Starting this summer semester, CCU is proud to introduce a new degree program to keep pace with the digital age: Computer Information Technology – Bachelor Degree in IT. Information technology is a relevant and exciting field that just keeps growing … Continued