Online degree programs, like the ones offered at Colorado Christian University, are allowing students to earn college degrees without ever coming onto campus. In fact, thousands of students have earned their degrees from CCU, and all they needed was a desire to learn, a computer, and Internet access. Everything you need to complete your CCU online degree program can be accessed via computer including syllabi, assignments, and classroom presentations. You submit your work online and can even participate in topical discussions with classmates! Online education degrees include Accounting, Criminal Justice, Psychology, MBA and Information Systems Management just to name a few. Find out more information about the CCU Online Admissions process for the online degree you would like to pursue and get started today!

You Better Believe It: Faith Based Accredited Online Programs Do Exist

The Web has created an environment where students have amazing flexibility when it comes to a college education. Now, with the help of the Internet, students can go to school without ever setting foot outside their home. Busy adults who need to finish a degree can do so in the evenings while working their job … Continued

An Online Degree in Nursing? Don’t I Need to be in a Classroom?

When people tend to think of college courses, higher education and earning a degree, they picture classroom lectures, written exams and navigating campus to get to class on time. People typically don’t think of attending online classes as the best means of earning a college degree, especially one as intricate and detailed as nursing. However, … Continued

What Does the Future of Nursing Look Like?

Thinking of going back to school to earn a nursing degree? You’d be wise to do so – according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), not only do nurses earn a very comfortable living (the average RN salary is about $65,700 per year, not to mention very favorable health insurance benefits), but nursing … Continued

Being Your Own Boss: Managing A Structure-Free Online Learning Environment

When you decide to take online courses for a higher education, you are responsible for every aspect of your education. Instead of working to meet the expectations of a teacher and having that guidance, you are deciding to be your own boss. The key to successfully completing your education and thriving is learning to remove … Continued

How to Be A Successful Online Student

Online learning has revolutionized the process of earning a college degree. Being able to take classes in your own home has brought the possibility of a college degree to those who live far away from a bricks and mortar campus, those who are house-bound and those who have other obligations during traditional classroom hours. Virtual … Continued