Online degree programs, like the ones offered at Colorado Christian University, are allowing students to earn college degrees without ever coming onto campus. In fact, thousands of students have earned their degrees from CCU, and all they needed was a desire to learn, a computer, and Internet access. Everything you need to complete your CCU online degree program can be accessed via computer including syllabi, assignments, and classroom presentations. You submit your work online and can even participate in topical discussions with classmates! Online education degrees include Accounting, Criminal Justice, Psychology, MBA and Information Systems Management just to name a few. Find out more information about the CCU Online Admissions process for the online degree you would like to pursue and get started today!

What Does the Research Say About Online Learning?

According to various sources, online learners are doing extremely well in their college degree programs and are succeeding in the workforce. In the past, online degrees did not garner the respect they do now, and in recent years, studies indicate that online learning is an effective and reputable means to earn a college degree. At … Continued

What Are the Benefits of Online Degrees?

Each year, more and more students are looking into the benefits of online degrees, and Colorado Christian University, with numerous locations throughout the state, has several degree programs that can be pursued in-seat or online. From certificate programs to Master’s Degrees, CCU’s College of Adult & Graduate Studies has the online degree you may be … Continued

CAGS Named Social Friendly Top Online MBA School

The level of online “social” interaction for students seeking an online MBA degree really matters these days, so it’s very good news that Colorado Christian University’s College of Adult & Graduate Studies was recently named one of the “Top 10 Most Social Media Friendly Online MBA Schools” in the country by The staff compiled … Continued

Two Year Degree Programs on the Rise

Colorado Christian University is proud to offer a variety of degree programs for students in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies.  We offer associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master’s degrees and certificate programs in a variety of disciplines to appeal to a wide array of interests. If you are considering pursuing a college degree at … Continued

Working Full Time? How About an Online Degree Program at CCU?

Many people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are realizing they need to get a degree to survive in today’s competitive workforce. The skill set one needs today to “make it” in the workforce is very different from the skill set needed just ten, or even five years ago. If you are feeling behind the … Continued