Online degree programs, like the ones offered at Colorado Christian University, are allowing students to earn college degrees without ever coming onto campus. In fact, thousands of students have earned their degrees from CCU, and all they needed was a desire to learn, a computer, and Internet access. Everything you need to complete your CCU online degree program can be accessed via computer including syllabi, assignments, and classroom presentations. You submit your work online and can even participate in topical discussions with classmates! Online education degrees include Accounting, Criminal Justice, Psychology, MBA and Information Systems Management just to name a few. Find out more information about the CCU Online Admissions process for the online degree you would like to pursue and get started today!

Working Full Time? How About an Online Degree Program at CCU?

Many people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are realizing they need to get a degree to survive in today’s competitive workforce. The skill set one needs today to “make it” in the workforce is very different from the skill set needed just ten, or even five years ago. If you are feeling behind the … Continued

CCU’s Online MBA Degree: One Student’s Perspective

Recently, the CCU/CAGS blog staff was presented with a rare opportunity: An interview with a current CCU/CAGS student to hear his thoughts regarding the degree program in which he is currently enrolled, his thoughts regarding the CCU philosophy, and his impressions of his academic experience overall. CCU From a Student’s Point of View The student, … Continued

Online Certificate Programs at CCU

Online certificate programs are becoming hugely popular at colleges and universities across the United States because they help prepare students for the development of key competencies in a very specific subject area. At Colorado Christian University, undergraduate online certificate programs require 12 credit hours of specific subject area courses; the certificate provides students with college … Continued

Western Conservative Summit 2012

Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute’s third annual Western Conservative Summit will be held from 2:00 p.m. Friday, June 29 – Sunday, July 1 at the Hyatt Regency Denver. This year’s Summit, “Calling All Citizens: It’s a Decisive Year,” will feature dozens of guest speakers, and this year, high school seniors may who are interested in … Continued

Applying Online to CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Programs

Did you know that you can apply to Colorado Christian University online? Making college enrollment easy, accessible and convenient is what CCU strives to do for prospective students. In years past, applying for college was a daunting task, and the paperwork and other information necessary to apply for admission was overwhelming to many prospective students. … Continued