Online degree programs, like the ones offered at Colorado Christian University, are allowing students to earn college degrees without ever coming onto campus. In fact, thousands of students have earned their degrees from CCU, and all they needed was a desire to learn, a computer, and Internet access. Everything you need to complete your CCU online degree program can be accessed via computer including syllabi, assignments, and classroom presentations. You submit your work online and can even participate in topical discussions with classmates! Online education degrees include Accounting, Criminal Justice, Psychology, MBA and Information Systems Management just to name a few. Find out more information about the CCU Online Admissions process for the online degree you would like to pursue and get started today!

Online MBA Degree—Ideal for Adult Students

More and more adult students are now seeking their MBA degrees online due to career and family responsibilities that affect the amount of time they can devote to traveling to school and attending classes on campus. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) from CCU may be the perfect online degree for your busy schedule and … Continued

Online Graduate Certificate Programs For Adult Learners

What do you do if you want to get more graduate education, but you don’t want to be locked in to all the requirements of a specific graduate degree program? There’s an opportunity designed for you, and it’s called a graduate certificate. Graduate certificate programs are available online through various online graduate schools. What Is … Continued

Do Employers Accept Online Degrees

As the online education market has increased, and as the number of online students has grown, there has been a growing fear that these students experience. That fear can be summed up in a simple question: “Do employers accept online degrees?” The question is totally understandable. After all, online education represents a departure from the … Continued

Benefits Of Online Learning

It’s almost hard to believe that there was once a time—not too long ago—when online learning was disparaged and minimized. Today, the benefits of online learning are obvious. Greater numbers of students today are able to earn advanced degrees, thanks to online learning. Outlining the benefits of online learning would take too long to read, … Continued

Strategic Objective Workshop

CCU is providing a strategic objective workshop for all staff members this Friday April 15th, 2011 at 10:00a.m. During this workshop the book, “Ten Books That Screwed Up The World” written by: Dr. Benjamin Wiker will be discussed and analyzed. Dr. Benjamin Wiker, Senior Fellow of The Discovery Institute and of the St. Paul Center … Continued