Colorado Christian University knows the value of higher education and understands that many students need financial assistance to pay for their tuition and expenses related to pursuing a college degree. From military tuition assistance to scholarships designed specifically for adult students returning to school after raising a family or pursuing a career, CCU will regularly post information about various scholarships and awards available to prospective and current students on the CCU blog. Criminal justice scholarship opportunities are available as well as little known nursing grants and scholarships. The CCU Financial Aid Office will allow you to explore financial aid and tuition assistance for adult and graduate students. Through a variety of scholarships, grants and loans, CCU will do everything in its power to help make your dream of acquiring a college degree a reality.

Nursing Scholarships and Grants

There is a huge demand in the field of nursing at the current time. In fact, to learn more about nursing positions and how desperately nurses are needed throughout the country, please read the CCU blogs entitled, “Benefits of a Career in Nursing: Intrinsic and Extrinsic” and “Pursue More Nursing Positions with a Degree in … Continued

Scholarships for Adult Students

Many adult students returning to college or beginning a college degree for the first time do not realize how many scholarships for adult students there are available online. By doing some intensive research on the Internet, adult students can find many scholarship opportunities to help with tuition and other expenses related to going back to … Continued

CCU Extends Military Tuition Assistance Program in 2012

The faculty and staff at Colorado Christian University know the value of higher education and understand that many, if not most, students require some type of financial assistance to attend a good college or university. If you do not require financial assistance, you are fortunate and in the minority. Because most CCU students do require … Continued

Criminal Justice Scholarships Available

If you are considering pursuing a criminal justice degree, the cost of higher education may concern you, but there are a great deal of criminal justice degree scholarships and other forms of financial aid that will make your dream of being a criminal justice major more of a reality. The very first step in applying … Continued