Time Management Tips for School Leaders – Part II

A male school principal is standing in the hallway of the school he works at.

Dr. John Murray is an assistant professor in Colorado Christian’s Master of Education in Educational Leadership program, offered through the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. Read his bio below. The complexity and variety of competing responsibilities associated with being a school principal are rivaled by few other occupations. Managing everything can seem overwhelming, with … Continued

10 Characteristics of an Effective CEO

CEO is written on a lit-up sign on a brick wall.

Do you run your own company or dream of opening a business someday? Whether you want to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or your employees include you, your spouse, and your adult children, being a CEO comes with a lot of responsibility. Since a leader will always have room for improvement when … Continued

8 Benefits of Going Back to School as an Adult

Adult students are posing for a photo at their CCU graduation ceremony.

Whether you’re 55 or 25, going back to school as an adult will be different than if you went right out of high school. But that doesn’t mean it’ll be more difficult — it might actually be easier for you. Because of your age, you have a base of education, experience, and knowledge that will … Continued

8 Ways to Learn More About Your Job Field

A group of professionals is attending a professional business conference.

No matter what industry you work in, chances are that it’s competitive. And in order to stand out from other professionals, it’s important to keep updated on trends, updates, and news within your field. If you want to succeed and get promoted in your profession, we recommend spending some time learning more about your industry … Continued

Adult Students – 5 Ways to Earn a Degree Faster

A 2017 CCU graduate is posing for a photo at CCU's Commencement.

Many adults interested in going back to school have a lot of concerns, and one of the biggest is how long it takes to earn a degree. Since the majority of adults have a full-time job and other responsibilities, the thought of being committed to a degree program for any amount of time between one … Continued