5 Ways to Involve Your Family in Your Adult Education


  As important as adult education is, it can sometimes compete with family time. And if you’re one of many adults that has children, you know that it’s oftentimes hard to find any time between taking the kids to school, preparing dinner and taking them to activities. Colorado Christian University acknowledges that many adults have … Continued

CCU Adult Education – Flexible Programs For Busy Adults


For a lot of adults that want to further their education, there’s a lot of thought put into the idea of going back to school. Most adults have a lot of responsibilities already, including a full-time career, family life and travel. So, time management can be a big concern when making the decision to add … Continued

Is the Online Learning Environment Better Than Traditional Classrooms?

This is a question educators have been asking for the last few years since high speed internet service is becoming commonplace. Since both the phone company and cable television providers both offer broadband internet service for as little as $15 per month, anyone can afford enough speed for live class participation. Not only can classes … Continued