Truth in Advertising

What is truth in advertising? How do you know when a manufacturer is over promoting a service or product? Caveat Emptor means “buyers beware” and it is the common mantra of organizational marketing and sales groups. There are countless examples of caveat emptor in the marketplace. Can we trust that the FTC is screening the … Continued


Worldview refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which an individual interprets the world around them and interacts with others. According to James Sire (2010) in his popular text, the Universe Next Door, some examples of worldviews include; theism, deism, naturalism or, humanism, nihilism, existentialism and so on. Most people don’t stop to … Continued

Is there a leadership crisis?

Many of our nation’s corporate leaders are talking the talk but are they really walking the talk? Public/government, organizational and faith-based leaders are struggling to stand fast in the light of core values in a time where the distinction between good and bad, right and wrong are a matter of opinion and morals have become … Continued

Beyond Integrity Business Ethics

Open discussions on current issues: According to the Daily Report news article published in 2008. Companies from Detroit-based General Motors Corp. to Zurich, Switzerland-based UBS AG have fallen into the subprime sinkhole. At GM, profit plunged 90 percent during the first three months of 2007 because of mortgage losses at its 49 percent-owned GMAC finance … Continued

Innovation and Leadership 2.0

From students in the classrooms to business professionals in the boardroom, everyone appears to be “staying in the know” using their PDAs and iPhones. Although social technology and collaborative software advancements continue to evolve, leadership practices, on the other hand, appear to be stuck in the epistemic mire of the transactional-transformational charismatic preaching caveat emptor … Continued