Learned Leadership

It has been amazing to go through this journey thus far, but as I continue to follow this path I do not know where it leads. Through a tugging of my heart for ministry, God led me to Colorado Christian University to seek a Master’s in Organizational Leadership to prepare me for full time ministry. … Continued

Founding Principles

While looking over the Centennial Institute website, I came across an interesting statement speaking about 1776 and then an article about restoring Christianity.  Thinking back to my history lessons, I remembered that was the year of our Independence.  The article excerpt spoke of the spirit of 1776 and asked if it is fading away in … Continued

Information Overload

The ever changing dynamics of this world took a drastic turn when the technology era came about.  Many believed that this era would come and go just like the many innovations the world has had throughout the years.  What made this technology so special that is has risen to the realms it has within our … Continued


Diversity is “the variety of observable and unobservable similarities and differences among people” (Phillips & Gully, 2012, p. 40).  Diversity can be related to race, gender, and age and an individual can have many characteristics to reflect that diversity.  This leadership article speaks of a Latin CEO who for many years did not  use his … Continued