The Restoration Of Christianity

The Restoration of Christianity God is calling His people in this serious time especially in the 21st century when Christianity is losing its value and ground due to forces of various cultures. The culture of Christian is coming to be swallowed by the 21st’s self-reliant individualism culture. Unbelievably God is still working through people who … Continued

Protection is the Best Solution

Protection is the Best Solution As we know identity theft is the big problem of this time, especially this day when technology plays a major role in gathering people from every corner of the earth to the networked device. Technology is highly beneficial and effective in the business world, it enhances and refine communication in … Continued


The implementation of diversity can benefit the overall growth of the organization. Diversity eliminates the separation wall between people, groups and creates a channel between organizations and communities. Diversity doesn’t make us the losers, but the winners. Different perspective, skill and forte formulate the entity triumph and benefited the individuals improving the way of thinking, … Continued