Ethics, Leadership & Morality

Ethics, leadership, and morality are interchangeable parts, but what do they have in common?  We all know that ethics involves moral principles or rules of conduct that tells us how we should act.  Leadership we know is a function of a leader who guides or directs a group of people into doing what is acceptable … Continued


As I ponder the new beginnings and journey that I have just begun these last few months, a burning question still arises in my mind, “where am I going and when does it end?”  I have only began and I am ready to see an end, as I may not know what all God has … Continued

STS vs Social Media

A true Socio-Techical System (STS) is not FB or Twitter.  STS tools and techniques combine comparative and longitudinal evaluation with action learning and allows for feedback from all levels with regards to changes implemented within breathing, living organizations, institutions and communities through the use of Information Systems (IS).  The use of IS accelerates communication, learning … Continued

Lack of Servant Leadership

It is ironic that the downfall of many corporations is due to a lack of servant leadership mentality.  The Enron scandal, and the many Golden Parachute payouts are examples of individual greed.  In these cases, the higher up executives are not concerned with the company and it’s values, only the end reward, a huge paycheck … Continued