How Do You Define a Spiritual Leader?

I would define a spiritual leader by his or her humility. I say this because humility is one of the greater, if not the greatest traits a leader can possess. A spiritual leader is someone who knows that they cannot rely on their power to lead and accomplish their goals; they need to call on … Continued

“Can a position of power reduce trust?”

“Can a position of power reduce trust?” I think this question can elicit a certain negative connotation among many people in this Country, whether it is CEOs or political figures.  I think based on individuals’ past experiences it can bring on the initial onset of suspicion. However, I think trust is built in time. It … Continued

Does Organizational Culture Impact Ethical Decisions in Business?

I would say that yes, Organizational Culture Impacts Ethical Decisions in Business. Two examples of this could be Politics and Sales (which could be considered very similar and related). The culture in both arenas is profoundly placed around pressure. So much so that unethical decisions are taken to reach a desired end. I see this … Continued