Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is a hot button issue in our society. Heated debates rage on a plethora of issues ranging from the fairness of granting amnesty to undocumented immigrants to just treatment for the same. Should those currently residing in the US be required to return to their homeland (wherever that may be) and get in … Continued

The Value of Faith

Strong organizations need good vision and or mission statements. They also need capable, passionate employees who share their values. It is one thing to have an employee who possesses the right tools to do the job it’s yet another to have an employee that incarnates the values of the company. The value of the latter … Continued

A Biblical Response to Welfare and Poverty

Many discussions of poverty and welfare often contrast the choice of individuals to take ownership of their own lives and actions thus assuming responsibility for themselves and their own needs as compared to those who would asset that society has a responsibility to the vulnerable among us and that each member of society should have … Continued