Leading to Let Go

I am the only one, said the Leader! This type of leader has the belief that no person could do the job like they can so for that reason they must do everything (Woodell, 2009).  Many times these leaders seem that they are unable to ask for help or delegate. This leadership style is known … Continued

Tech Bullies

Since the beginning of time there has always been bullying. However, the Internet has allowed for greater ease for bullies. Bullying is about power and control through the destruction of a target. There is a thrill for many bullies who gain power over their peers. Bullies who use technology to harm others create a barrier … Continued

Hiring Heroes

There are those who make sacrifices to defend the United States and others countries.  After their years of service many veterans work towards entering the civilian workforce.  Veterans may face a number of barriers and challenges when discharged from their service. Approximately 10.4 million U.S. veterans are working, and 5.5 million are living with disabilities. … Continued

Darkest Moments

Tragedies leave many people in a dark place with a number of feelings that can seem to be too much to handle.  The good news is that no one needs to go through these alone.  In the good times and bad simply call on the Lord for he will answer.  He can provide peace in … Continued