Laws on the definition of affiliate faculty

Recently laws have been passed by the Obama administration that places a definition on the amount of classes that an affiliate faculty member can teach before the institution is required to give them benefits. This is, on paper, a great thought and would benefit the affiliate faculty, yet in reality is not the case as … Continued

Emotional Impact of Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is increasing at an alarming rate, as we continue to transition into an age of social media and communication technology that opens the door for children to connect via technological devices.  This new age gives children countless resources to communicate with others, and thus allows for harmful behavior to happen in those new … Continued

Pay Disparity between women and men

In this article Women Receive More Raises; Men Get More Money on, the author talks through a study that was done that concluded that while women received more raises in the first 9 months of employment than men, men still received higher wages in general.  An hr firm TribeHR concluded that men were more … Continued