Wasted Worship

While exploring the Centennial Institute website, I came across the Centennial Review archives. They are packed with fascinating articles regarding current events and issues from a Biblical worldview, including a piece titled, Do Americans Worship the State? by Benjamin Wiker. Wiker advocates disestablishing liberal secularism on the grounds that it is governmental imposition of a … Continued


As supreme leader of the organization of tomorrow, you must deftly facilitate effective collaboration and communication using the latest technology.  However, this technology is not without its dangers; you must also guard yourself, and loyal team members, from becoming info-zombies, with possible side effects of inbox-ification, info-comas, and the dreaded memo-mortis.  Humor aside, information overload … Continued

Diversity Management, What Works, and What Doesn’t

Effective, transformational leaders must understand organizational diversity, and know which diversity improvement strategies work. Harvard Professor Frank Dobbin, and fellow researchers, surveyed 829 firms, with over 31 years of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) data, to determine the efficacy of various diversity enhancement strategies.  Survey criterion was simply the change in percentage of women and … Continued