Humility Brings Healing

Great leaders may have many great leadership qualities, but they are also human being who make mistakes. We all may say something to we have later regretted, and our first instinct is usually to try and forget the situation, but the right answer is to approach it. In the article “I Think I Said Something … Continued

The Challenges of Leadership

During my courses in the CAGS department of CCU, as well as drawing from my own life experience, it has become clear that leaders are faced with many challenges. These challenges may differ day-to-day depending on the situation. However, leaders seem to face the following problems consistently. First, gaining the trust of their followers. This … Continued

The Colorblind Millenials

When discussing the topic of diversity and the importance and power of embracing diversity in the word place, the millennial generation has an interesting point of view. Kellye Whitney presents the view and argues that the way Millenials approach racism, diversity and stereotypes is flawed thinking. The millennial generation has the idea that if everyone … Continued

Millennials and Mentorship

The millennials are in the spotlight again. This time their generation is exampled as the new voice for effective mentoring programs within organizations. According to Talent Management magazine (October, 2014) they are no longer satisfied with the static standard of older person teaches younger person format. ┬áMillennials are more accustomed to fast-paced, electronic relationships. The … Continued

Companies Creating Their Own Opportunities

As our country goes further and further into debt, so do American workers. A large piece of most American debt, especially for those under 35 years of age, is school loans. On top of that, most people within that age group do not land jobs that can pay down their debt from school more quickly. … Continued