Dynamics of Employee and Employer relationships

I recently spoke with a co-worker who accepted a position with a different employer. He explained that the money was the same as in his current job, his commute was longer, and that the work hours would be less flexible than his current employer. I smiled and explained that it didn’t sound like an improvement … Continued

God on speed dial

I do not know how many of you out there still remember or even had a pager. Just the other day I was talking to my daughter about pagers and she had no idea what I was talking about. Pagers were a little box that would notify you that someone was trying to get a … Continued

Unrelenting Loyalty

A company that has a good product or service must follow with great customer service in order for the client to return or continue using that company. A client who feels valuable, will continue using that product or service and refer others to that company as well. In my years of experience as a receptionist, … Continued

Socio-Technical System (STS)

The theory of Socio-Technical System was developed in 1949 with the observation of coal miners in a South Yorkshire mine in Great Britain. They viewed that the miners were a highly collaborative and self regulated work team. They were autonomous, self-governing, and demonstrated cooperation and commitment that outperformed traditionally managed teams. STS is: “The interactions … Continued

Unsung Hero

http://www.talentmgt.com/articles/7095   RE: Dare to Be the Unsung Hero In this article the author relates Human resources to being a drummer in a band. As a drummer, your job is ultimately to hold the band together under a uniformed rhythm and pace. As a HR representative your job is to be the glue that holds … Continued